How will my Scampering Rogues Special Event work?

Our part of your event will usually be around three and a half to four hours. We like to arrive an hour before the start time to set up and check sound levels. We then usually play for about 90 minutes, have a break of about 30 minutes and then play again for about another 90 minutes. Our timings are always to suit the occasion, so you plan the event and we will fit in.

We have Public Liability Insurance. We provide our own PA system, which usually includes a CD player if required for when we are not playing. Bring your favorite CD or listen to ours!

How far will the Scampering Rogues travel?

We have played in Peterborough to the north and East Finchley in London to the south. We regularly go beyond Sudbury in the east and Ware is at present the furthest west we have been. Maybe you can tempt us further afield! Let us Scamper to your event!

How do you book us?

Send an email to and tell us the date and what you want and a contact phone number. We will contact you to discuss cost and answer any other questions you might have. We will also find out if the band members are free. If they are and you want to definitely book us, we will then post or email you a contract. When you have returned it with a 50 non-refundable deposit we are booked.

Sue, Tony, Jan, Sandy and Matt

Sue, (Tony - No longer with the band), Jan, Sandy and Matt

PLEASE NOTE: We don't play for Scottish or Irish dancing, Line Dancing or American Square dances. We don't wear cowboy hats, but you can if you feel it improves your dancing!