What is a Scampering Rogues Barn Dance?

If you are thinking of holding a Barn Dance here is some useful information

dancers at a wedding A Barn Dance is one of the best ways of providing entertainment for people of varying ages and abilities. All you require is a space and people. It can get immediate and instant involvement and great fun without any previous dancing experience, skill or rhythm. A big advantage of a Barn Dance is that you get the ultimate social mixing experience; simple and easy dances are generally used to encourage beginners and those who have not been to a Barn Dance before.

But will we be able to do it?

Yes, the dances are ideal for people who have little or no dancing skills because most of the movements are natural to all of us - all steps are either walking or skipping and dancers move round each other, linking arms or holding hands with someone else. It is popular because the movements are easy, simple and fun.

So what happens?

Dancing is in couples and in groups of couples called sets. Sets range from 2 couples to 16 couples - arranged in circles, squares or long-ways - numbers don’t really matter and dances can often be altered to suit the number wanting to dance. Each dance will last around 10 minutes including a walk through. The “caller” teaches the steps and changes. The Barn Dance event can be run for 3 or 4 hours with or without breaks between dances, but always a break in the middle to rest the band.

What or who is this caller?

Your caller is your MC, teacher and instructor. He/she and ensures your guests at the Barn Dance know what to do using his/her knowledge and experience to decide which dances best suit the audience as regards speed and complexity. Most importantly calling out changes in movements dancers at a weddingas they are about to occur during each dance. Do not worry about remembering the movements and changes; it is the job of the caller to remind everyone what to do, when to do it and who do it with!

What sort of music is used?

The music at a social Barn Dance event will be a mixture of mainly traditional tunes drawn from England, and a few other countries. It is, of course, played by the very live band - the Scampering Rogues. Listen to us play >>

What else do we need to know?

Clothing can be casual and footwear should be comfortable to allow for twisting and turning and dancing on less than perfect surfaces. The dancing surface can be grass but a solid floor is best. Make sure there is drink available, with a good supply of non-alcoholic drinks as well. Dancing can make you thirsty and while alcohol can help to overcome initial worries, it can make feet difficult to control!

Wedding guests about to "Thread the Needle"